BCP Bolivia: “A Second Chance for Our Children and Teenagers”

In our first visit.

At the beginning of June, the Bata Children´s Program visited the Teenage Offenders Center by invitation of the SEDEGES (Government office for children and teenagers in Cochabamba). At that time the scenario was disheartening. Halls and rooms were dark and the situation of the teenage boys and girls was depressing.

That day, we discussed an agreement with the government office for a joint work and support in favor of these boys and girls.

Three weeks later, in our second visit.

Three weeks later and for our joy, we found active boys and girls willing to change their fate and to become women and men of good. Rooms were painted by the kids. They had Bible passages on them showing their hope and repentance. SEDEGES had fulfilled their part.

From our side and after a “Winter Clothing Collection Campaign”, the Bata Children´s Program visited them again. The message was:”We believe in second chances, especially for our children and teenagers”.

Thongs, Socks and under wear were prepared for these kids.


Boys and girls received gratefully new thongs, socks and underwear. They also received pants, sweaters, shirts and t-shirts all of this new or in good conditions. Then, we shared a simple but nice lunch.

We would like to thank BCP Volunteers, Bata Bolivia Personnel and friends that supported this BCP initiative to provide this boys and girls a vote of confidence and esteem.

Part of the girls with their presents, happy.

The group of boys with their presents.

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