Bata Children’s Program Global Meeting in Kenya: Day 1 – Volunteering Day

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing disadvantaged children shooting you a broad smile” said Mariana Pena, Bata Children’s Program Coordinator for Colombia after spending a day volunteering at the St. Anthony orphanage in Limuru Kenya as part of the first day of the Global BCP Meeting.

Nothing better than to start a BCP Global Meeting with the 18 Bata Children’s Program coordinators from around the world and our two BCP Ambassadors, Monica and Dr. Regis Pignal Bata, than with our “core-business”:  volunteering.  The St. Anthony’s Orphanage in Limuru needed some precious help in the Home. The BCP volunteers divided into three groups: 1) Painting works in the kitchens 2) Gardening and plowing and 3) Last but not least, the building of the base for the two huge 16’000 liter water tanks.

At lunch the orphans joined us for the meal and for some traditional dancing and singing. In the afternoon all the works were finished and the volunteers, tired but happy, gathered to reflect on the day:

Grace from Malawi: I like BCP. I like to be able to contribute to the needy children in our communities!

Alexandra from Bolivia: Little is already big for these children.

Rishikesh from India: Volunteering gives me an immense pleasure.

Cosme from Chile: When I return to Chile I will work on the Program with more strength.

Jane from Singapore: I feel so lucky compared to these children.

Militza from Peru: It was a wonderful day: I received the children’s smile in my heart.


For more testimonials see the inspiring 3-minute video of the volunteering day with the intervention of Monica Pignal Bata.

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