Interview – BCP Bolivia

Let´s know about the opinion of one of our volunteers 

 Alejandro Rivas – Legal Advisor

What drove you to participate in the program of “Parenthood of life”?
The invitation by the Bata Children `s Program, showing the reality of some children who had the misfortune of losing their parents. I also believe that is an excellent opportunity to give back what God gives to society.

What do you like of the program?
We know with certainty that the aid that we provide to the program gets to the children in quality and opportunities to the beneficiaries. This reality shoes on each visit that we make.

How does it feel to be part of the program?
As mentioned before, happy to give back to society and give to those in need specially children. Everyone has the right to live in dignity and seek a better future that will have a direct impact on later generations. Because the fact of knowing the reality of these children, we are committed to continue promoting the program and assist in their growth.


Alejandro and his wife Sandra, next to MAdelen, their godchild

 A little walk of new friends

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